Well. Said. Almost.

‘Who’s your niche audience? A director recently called me from Sweden who was doing a failing crowding campaign, so I asked her who her niche audience was. She didn’t know. She said women. “Women” is not a target audience; it’s half the population.’

Jennifer Fox, director of “My Reincarnation,” who raised $150,000 on Kickstarter.

Nicely put, Ms Fox. I just wish more people would remember this in discussions about “women’s cinema”… Plenty to think on.

I also really wish we wouldn’t think of the population as half men half women – is it really that distinctly binary, in terms of percentage and the elusive nature of gender itself – but maybe I am asking for too much too soon*.

Ruddy love festivals. Films can be reviewed well after their premieres and do have a certain contemporary cadence but an event, there and it’s gone, you had to be there… That is in danger of disappearing in our culture, heck, I am going to say it – our society. A chance to be with other people, face to face, gauging the temperature and texture of the industry, digging dialogue and being part of IT.

Long live Sheffield Doc/Fest – the truth is in there. Race you to find it.

*I am totally not, all this sexism malarkey has been going on for far too long, now. Come on peeps. Honestly.

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